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Subject:  Re: Gangs of New York, Microsoft and Apple Date:  10/16/2012  12:23 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  155943 of 157291

which is a different situation than the IBM PC to Apple II comparison you make later in this thread

That situation was so different as to not be comparable at all.

Apple ][ owners were early adopters, and were almost entirely "people", as opposed to businesses.

The genre got traction when folks realized there was actual workplace productivity to be had, particularly by way of word processors and VisiCalc, among a few others. But businesses were still reluctant to jump into the fray until the well trusted IBM got in the game. Once they did, businesses began adopting desktop computers in huge numbers, and when "later adopters" went looking for a home computer, they naturally wanted something on which the software (which they could steal from work) would function at home.

And yes, there was probably some element of "functionality" that was good when people were learning "command line interface" and C: prompts and the like.

Most OS's these days are so easy you can put them in front of a 2 year old and they will figure it out in a minute. You don't need to have the sink, the stove, the refrigerator and the toaster oven all have the same controls, so long as they are intuitive enough for people to grasp without a steep learning curve. (That was the genius of TiVo and the downfall of VCR's, which insisted on forcing people to learn ever more arcane commands and functions just to record a show.)

If this were true, wouldn't it mean that motorcycles should have steering wheels? I mean, there are more cars than motorcycles, and seems like people would prefer they work the same.

Raging successes: a motorcycle with a steering wheel:

And a car with handlebars:

If you actually see one in the wild, ring a bell.
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