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Subject:  Re: Two blatant blown calls in 2 nights Date:  10/16/2012  8:21 PM
Author:  chkNYC Number:  47951 of 57291

Who in continuing his theme, would hate to see instant replay but at the same time will boo the umpire with all the passion he can muster

That's kind of where I am at this point too. We all know that the "human error" aspect of the umpires' calls has been an integral part of baseball since its very origin way back when.

But now that we have all this "new-fangled technological stuff", many folks seem to feel that we should go with that and ignore the history that has actually made this game what it is today. (And given folks lots of opportunity to complain about "bad calls" in the past as well.)

I've said before that I'm a traditionalist but maybe I should add that I'm also a dinosaur. While I'd like to see the umps get every single call correct, that's just not the way it's been in the past 100 years or so and not the way it is today.

And I'm just not willing to agree to change that for the future.

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