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Subject:  Re: Obama's 2 big problems after tonight Date:  10/18/2012  8:21 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  649474 of 882734

what would you consider reasonable and/or appropriate.

I don't see any magazine restrictions as reasonable or appropriate. There's no evidence that they do anything to deter firearm crimes. The criminals certainly aren't at all worried about them where they do exist. They only serve to hamper law-abiding citizens, making them jump through a needless hoop with no benefit to society.

Far better would be more education in the responsible use of firearms at an early age. Things like the Eddie the Eagle Gunsafe Program for elementary school kids teaching them that guns aren't toys and if they see one to Stop, Don't Touch, Get Away, Tell and Adult. My son is in Cub Scouts, he's already learning the rules of firearms safety and has shot BB guns at the range (he's 6), so he's well on his way to learning responsible firearms use.

Schools used to have ranges in them (some still do, shut down and unused now of course.) They had rifle teams, kids didn't go around shooting up the schools. If we spent half as much on these programs as we do on silly laws that only hamper law-abiding citizens it would be far more effective. Granted it will take years and years for the benefits to occur, but that's still better than passing a law that does nothing good now or anytime in the future.
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