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Subject:  Liberal Pathology Date:  10/18/2012  10:33 AM
Author:  2828 Number:  649519 of 888931

The first debate reflected a relatively stable form of denial. It had been going on for years, after all. President Obama and Jim Lehrer simply assumed that no conservative opponent existed. There was thus no need to prepare, no real need to show up, and no need for the moderator to impose time limits or interrupt the conservative with questions. It’s easy enough to crush a stick figure.

Once Romney broke through this first form of denial, more active and less stable attempts at denial were required to hold reality at bay. In the next debate, Vice-President Biden adopted a manic air, automatically rejecting all of his opponent’s arguments as absurd. Biden’s comportment was socially dysfunctional and could not be maintained consistently throughout the debates, yet it served for a time to stave off a severe threat to liberal self-esteem. The moderator, meanwhile, sharing the vice-president’s disregard for Paul Ryan’s existence (as anything other than a cartoon bad-guy) was oblivious to Biden’s bad behavior, and so refused to stop it.

By the third debate, the liberal patient’s internal conflict was out in the open. Obama was forced to deal with his opponent as an actual being, worthy of serious argument. Yet this distrurbing intrusion of reality forced the moderator into an embarrassing public display of total denial, simply negating the reality of Obama’s Libya comments, and breaking with her proper role (more social dysfunction). Frequent interruptions of the conservative’s argument were necessary for the moderator at this point.
Whoa! Friggin' nailed it. That's the sense i got too, and as a psychology major with a minor in sociology i can attest to the accuracy....but don't just trust me, lets ask fleg.
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