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Subject:  Re: Oktober Surprise? Date:  10/20/2012  8:44 PM
Author:  wolverine307 Number:  650023 of 886824

Absolutely true, but can't you see the media playing this up as some kind of groundbreaking milestone (much like fleg getting 650,000), and idiots saying to themselves he's a foreign policy genius and we need to reelect him?

Yup, I can just hear the big announcement at the upcoming debate now. Proof positive of Obama's sheer awesomeness. The professional bootlickers will spread out over the airwaves and let us know that nobody else in the history of mankind could have done what Obama did - as clean and articulate like he is with the awesome pant crease.

I really have little faith in my fellow human being don't i?

I feel bad, but, well, you know, PT Barnum and all that.

I lost faith in my fellow man the day America elected this putz. Prior to that, it was teetering when they almost put Nutjob Gore and Lurch into the WH. But electing President Eye Candy and turning a blind eye to his blatant incompetence and hatred of America makes me want to walk away, but I got a kid to look after.

After her new diagnosis yesterday, the subject of being medical tour guides/English teachers overseas is back on the table.
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