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Subject:  Retirement meeting today--questions? Date:  10/22/2012  9:53 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  45900 of 138425

We're meeting with the retirement benefits lady in HR this afternoon. Here are the questions I thought of--can you think of anything to add?

Can he switch health insurance at annual enrollment after retirement or are we stuck with the initial choice we make this month?

After he turns 65 and before I do, am I properly covered under the current insurance and he in the conversion to Medicare supplemental (I'm about 6 months younger)?

Can we move back & forth between private Medicare supplemntals and the state group plan, or once we leave we cannot return?

Does he sign up for retirement insurance just like usual for annual enrollment, or is there a different form or process?

How does he apply for it and when does it start arriving? Do we need to do anything to have the insurance premiums automatically deducted from the pension?

How much is it with 100% survivor option, 50%, and none? How many unused days off is he carying over?

Can he postpone it for a higher benefit (e.g., wait till he turns 64 or 65)?

SHOULD WE LOOK INTO DISABILITY RETIREMENT* or does that take too long at this point (online info seems to say it's dependent on SS disability, which can take 1-2 years to qualify for, and he's already 63 1/2).

* My husband's retiring unexpectedly after this semester insttead of after spring semester. He has a speech problem due to micro-strokes in the language processing area of his brain. It's become too difficult to lecture when you trip over most words of at least 3 syllables.
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