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Subject:  Re: One-cylinder, 12 HP car Date:  10/31/2012  10:53 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46038 of 122854

LindyLib: "I think it was once true that people would upgrade the size of their house or their car."

And a lot will. Even those younger people, who initially live in apartments and may not own a soon as the first kid comes along want a house with a back yard for the kid and he dog. They need a car since they moved to suburbia with good schools.

And if they stay in a smaller house, or have no kids, now they have the money to travel the country and travel the world, burning kilotons of jet fuel like intercst as he flies tens of thousands a miles a year, then goes on cruise ships that get 1.5 feet per gallon of fuel as they cruise around,winding up in the same spot as they started, after burning a half million gallons of fuel in the process.


" I think those days are basically over."

Nope...try and sell a 2 bedroom 1 bath house..... folks want 3-4-5 bedrooms still. Maybe not 5 and 3 living areas.....but other than CA and NYC and other crammed in places....folks will buy the biggest house they can afford when they go house shopping.


" Sure, there are some people who are well off enough to upgrade no matter what, but the collapse of the housing market has affected at least a generation to rethink what they are doing re buying a house. "

With interest rates at historical lows....if you qualify for a loan...the payments are as low as they will ever be.....

And my nephew and his wife just moved to a 'nicer bigger apartment'....a 'luxury one'....probably will need more energy to run the place...... heck, he's got a kilowatt of computer stuff running all the time....


"Same thing goes to cars. The younger generation sees the hand writing on the wall. They believe in climate change. They don't believe the future is all rosy re retirement"

A good part of the 'younger generation' is living in their parents basement with their degrees in Womyn's Gender Studies and the like...unable to find a job. They can't afford a used Yugo or the insurance payments on it.

THey might believe in 'global warming' but it doesn't stop them from going to the rain forest in COsta Rica to moan about it...burning up a kiloton of jet fuel in the process.....or driving their mini SUVs to Green Peace rallies.......

And I doubt most of them would really jump for joy if gas here went to European prices like Obama wants.... $9 or $10/gallon. it would probably kill their $8.75/hr part time jobs at the fast food place as folks wouldn't half the money to spend on fast food.

By the time they are 30, the ones smart enough to find/have jobs will be converted to the Romney capitalist camp...... the ones not so smart will stay 'progressive' , maybe get a job in government if they are lucky , or an $8.50/hr part time job as a community organizer or working for ACORN......and try to live on that.

They'll consume more energy - directly or indirectly, if the price of energy drops.

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