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Subject:  Re: Bankrupt or try to 'gut it out'? Date:  11/3/2012  4:45 PM
Author:  aoeuid Number:  306270 of 312858

$2482/month seems kind of low for an experienced teacher. I would look at the deductions and withholding and see if maybe you are taking out too much. I would also stop 401k savings for now until you can get finances straightened out as far as budget and debt. Second jobs are probably a good idea - and I would think as a teacher tutoring might be one possible option that could help boost income. Perhaps there are also other districts nearby, or charter schools or something that might pay more? Shop the market. I say that, of course, knowing you may already be doing that.

^^^To the above Husband says -- my contract for this year states something like I will make something like $44,5000 this year.

This has been the only year in my teaching career that I have made less for the new year, than I have made in all the previous years. The causes: Kansas is stupid. My school district is a worst steward of their funds that I am of mine and the cost of health insurance rose about 25%. Finally, the health insurance coverage is worse than it was last year when we paid less for it, and got better benefits.

But . . . be thankful I got a job - RIGHT?! Trying to grin because I'm too of 'crying' about it.

I could job-hunt and see if I can find a higher teaching job somewhere else in the country for next year. But this is one of those cases where the economy and hence school districts are saying/thinking, "Why should I pay this guy with 25 years experience $55k per year when I can hire this kid straight out of college for about half that much money?!"
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