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Subject:  Re: Bankrupt or try to 'gut it out'? Date:  11/3/2012  5:01 PM
Author:  aoeuid Number:  306274 of 312878

ME-DDW, Anyone on the forum . . . did I EVER say that all she does is "sit on her butt?"

I have two wishes, that she would acknowledge that she is just as responsible for our debt mess as I am. That would be right and fair wouldn't it?

VTG-You said she was lazy. Yes, it was the tone of your initial posts.

These issues need to be discussed with your pastor/counselor. Right or fair, holding on to the anger is holding you in the past.

^^^^Whoops. Yes, I did call her 'lazy' now that I look back. Clearly she does 'things'. I guess I question is she making the best use of her time (IE self-employed vs. getting a real job) for our family. Yeah, she stays busy, busy, busy . . .

^^^^Working hard vs. working smart . . . maybe she is a genius and I just don't see it and she will be able to rub my face in it 5 or 6 years from now and say, "See, you d*mb *ss! I told you my grand scheme of things, that your sick pea-brain could not figure out . . . I TOLD YOU IT WOULD WORK . . . now bow down and kiss my feet!" Grin.
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