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Subject:  Re: Moringa Oleifera Date:  11/5/2012  12:55 AM
Author:  sheila727 Number:  38016 of 46358

......There was a big discussion of HCG + 500 cal for effective weight loss on the botanical/integrative medicine list I belong to -- when this all first came into the spotlight again. Would you believe there's also a homeopathic version???

Wow--I'd totally forgotten about that aspect of the discussion on my list-serv. Thanks for remembering, and searching it out. Okay. I stand corrected. But you had spoken as if hCG is always homeopathically prepared, and of course it isn't.

FWIW, a dietary intake of 500 Cals/day will always produce a weight loss (with or without water) The only folk who don't lose weight on this caloric intake are the folk who aren't being observed and monitored closely......and those who believe the story weren't there to do any observing.

The docs I was referring to know their patients well enough to know when to take their claims about weight loss difficulties seriously. Of course there's no documentation that these people who reported great difficulty in weight loss at 500 cal unassisted, and then lost their weight when hCG (homeopathic or otherwise) was added. But since you weren't there to observe their dietary faithfulness or lack of, I think it's difficult for you to assert that those who didn't lose hadn't stuck to the diet. For the great majority of people, I'm sure you're right. But I don't think that covers the outliers.

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