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Subject:  Re: U.S. per person debt exceeds Greece Date:  11/6/2012  3:20 PM
Author:  straitarrow Number:  653370 of 888931

"Why, then, do libruls think Obama has succeeded? Boggles the mind." CCinOC


1) Libruls aren't half as smart as they think and they don't follow the news..except MSM which we all know about.

2) Libruls believe Obama has succeeded because of his infectious, innocent smile as he hugs idolizing women and smooches lovingly with Michelle when the TV camera red light is on. He always has a group of trained smiling admirers behind him in the camera field who clap and respond like trained seals at each pause. (They usually look glum and not attentive between applause lines).

3)Obama has a bouncy step and projects a positive image to those who look for celebrities to admire, hug and glad-hand. Watch as he points at people like he knows them as he prances along the stage ....and they love that!

4) IMAGE is everything to Obama and his followers fail to look beyond that.

5) Obama is very skillful with words and speeches except when he is under strain or angry. Then he falls apart and makes dumb mistakes just like most mortals without Teleprompters.

6) MSM has his back so Obama knows he can say anything and they will not hold him accountable.

Notice that Obama's 'accomplishments' are mostly negative but nobody notices or seems to care.

And in a few hours the suspense will end and hopefully truth and Karma will prevail!

I have a bottle of 15 yr old Glenfiddich Scotch at the ready to celebrate the announcement of Romney's election!
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