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Subject:  Re: Every time I'm on a plane Date:  11/8/2012  11:01 AM
Author:  Globetraveler Number:  19061 of 24891

Chutes can be set up to auto deploy at a certain altitude, say 8,000 or so, give you a chance to wake up, prepare or direct your landing after the earlier nap time.. Beats being splattered...

The whole idea of parachutes sounds good, but the practicality is limited. Having sensors, automatic deployments, etc adds a lot of complexity for situations that are extremely rare. In many of those rare cases, one could argue that any plane wide parachute system would not work because of the extreme force that the plane was subjected to.

It's the polar flights that get me considering landing zones, not much hope of finding any, then the miles of ice, even tho shrinking, would still be daunting... Best hope the plane body holds together...

There are more landing areas than you would think. If you are flying a two-engine plane between Europe and the US, you are always within two hours of an airport. This is the reality. Most plane don't suffer a catastrophic failure during their flight, however they do suffer mechanical problems and failures that can be dealt with.

When thing do go wrong, such as loss of an engine, your pilot will divert to the nearest airport and you will get to enjoy spending time in places like Whitehorse, YT, Canada. I've had that happen on a flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco. Other than having than the wait for a replacement plane, it wasn't a big deal.

Don't get me wrong, I get that many folks aren't comfortable or fear flying. I used to fly a ton and in all that time, I had maybe a dozen times where the flight was memorable for something going wrong in my thousands of flights. If translated to driving, I pass accidents almost everyday, have a close call every once in a while, and see wrecked cars being towed down the road. With all this, I don't drive around thinking that a tires could explode at any minute and send me careening off a bridge or into a wall at 70mph. I don't think that I could have a fuel leak that will set the car on fire. I don't worry when I come to a stoplight that if my breaks fail at that instant, I'm in big trouble. Those things just doesn't happen that often.

The brain is a funny thing. We don't think about that stuff when it comes to cars, however when we get on a plane, it is immediately the most dangerous method of travel ever devised and we can't make it safe enough, even though it is by far. much safe than driving.
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