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Subject:  Re: Buys TriSystems, immediately accretive Date:  11/8/2012  8:33 PM
Author:  leaderoftheback Number:  198 of 362

Thanks TMFCog!
Here's what I'm worried about. Never mind, you know what I'm worried about.

While there is absolutely no reason to think that the rumors are correct, there isn't really any reason to think that they aren't. Companies that grow, particularly through constant acquisition can most easily hide aggressive accounting or general sloppiness of any sort. Over on the RB board, early on, looking into EBIX, Raina does not have any kind of strong background in what he's doing...his origins are pretty humble. That isn't to say that a guy isn't a natural or can't learn, but I've had way too much experience with this sort of company.

I sold my shares at a (relatively) small loss just yesterday. I was thinking I might as well wait a day, since a really good earnings report might get us at least a little pop. I resisted my urge to be loss-averse and got out. The earnings report is really good, stock hammered. It looks from the chart like we'll revisit $15.50, but boy, I'd really like to see another shoe drop...good or bad. If the bad shoe drops, boom, it's dead. Good shoe (which could only be somebody from the SEC saying they don't know anything about it) and up it'll go. I'll have plenty of time to get back on the train if it is indeed a long-term growth story. But if no shoe drops, the shares will fall below 15.50 and nobody can guess where they will stop.

Somebody needs to do some clarifyin'.

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