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Subject:  Re: I'm Thunking Date:  11/10/2012  10:06 AM
Author:  NoIDAtAll Number:  78125 of 84433

I received the 18.5" portable Weber and got it put together - Typical Weber quality - Great!! Unlike some of my other Weber grills (and smoker), there are no aluminum brackets to hold the grates - The charcoal bowl is formed to hold both the cooking grate and the charcoal grate. Seems to work well. The Craycort cast iron grate fits well. It's pretty heavy to tote with the cast iron grate in place, but I'll manage.

I also ordered a "Smokenator" - Kind of expensive, for what it is, but I think the inventor put some time into designing it, and it will work out OK ... and a hinged Weber grate for it, so I can use it to smoke some stuff while camping/fishing... might get a "hover grate" for it, later.

The "Smokenator" doesn't fit either of my portable 18.5" Weber kettles (Smokey Joe Platinum (no longer made) or Jumbo Joe (above)). The bowl of both of these are made differently than a standard Weber 18.5" kettle grill (1-Touch Silver or Gold - Note by my above comment about the Jumbo Joe's bowl being formed with a built-in ledge to hold the cooking grate, rather than brackets bolted to the bowl. That makes the inside diameter of the bowl narrower, by maybe an inch, in total. The depth of the bowl also appears to be somewhat shallower, maybe by about 1 to 2 inches. The accessory does fit my neighbor's standard 18.5" 1-Touch Silver kettle well - very snug fit.

I think the shallower Jumbo Joe bowl will work pretty well for grilling, with the coals being closer to the cooking grate, so that the meat might sear somewhat more quickly, perhaps especially with the Craycort cast iron cooking grate - I might give it an initial try this weekend.

I emailed the seller about returning the "Smokenator", as it doesn't fit what I have and there are other means of grilling/smoking with indirect heat on a Weber kettle that don't cost so much.

The Weber 18.5" hinged grate that I ordered fits the Jumbo Joe grill well. It doesn't fit the 18.5" Smokey Joe Platinum. The molded-in ledge that holds the cooking grate on the later is a lot narrower.

One thing that I don't care about the Jumbo Joe grill is that the charcoal grate is not supported by bolts to keep it from slipping around in the bowl. Ultimately, I will probably drill 3 holes through the bowl and add some bolts to stabilize it better. I will give it a couple of tries before doing that though.

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