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Subject:  Re: Looking for opinions Date:  11/11/2012  11:03 AM
Author:  impolite Number:  34647 of 40243

Without that, would it matter if T. slept away a Sunday?


What I mean is - we both work full time. Even without kids, we would be away from the house 11 hours a day (commute + work hours), minimum.

WITH the kids, this can sometimes run 15 hours, with us in different directions. This does not only include Kid Things, however - T plays softball at least one night a week, in addition to at least one tourney a month.

So Monday through Friday is usually Accounted For, with occasional evenings in there that are open for interpretation.

Saturday and Sunday is when we 1) visit family (either or both), yard work, clean the house, groceries, cook ahead for the week, RELAX, watch our DVRed shows, play with the puppies, hang out with friends, etc. If at the very least the household stuff isn't done on the weekends, it then gets pushed to what might be the only evening off during the week. And as he is particular about, say, his yard? This is an all evening affair.

If he were gone Friday and Saturday, and no child care duties were present - we'd still have Things To Do on Sunday. And I will be honest - it would likely piss me off if Sunday Things were pushed to, say, Thursday, if Thursday was our one evening home that week.

Because *MY* chit - the stuff I have to take care of - can't be pushed off. We have to eat, so I have to shop for food and cook it. We have to have clean clothes, so I have to wash/dry/fold. Granted, we could walk around on crunchy and sticky floors - but I should probably run the vacuum and sweep/mop occasionally.

<shrug> The house doesn't run itself - and if he's not helping to run it, *I* have to do it all. And if Momma Ain't Happy...

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