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Subject:  Re: Standing Room Only flights? Date:  11/12/2012  2:44 PM
Author:  Globetraveler Number:  19072 of 24472

Oh look, it's the annual moronic statement from RyanAir CEO Michael O'Leary.

Previous statements included:
Pay toilets on Airplanes
Removing toilets from airplanes to add extra seats
complimentary oral sex on long-haul flights (when discussing a possible business-class only carrier)
Calling all passengers that show up to an airport without a printed boarding pass idiots.
asking airline regulators for permission to place just one pilot aboard his jets
Suggesting passengers can lug two bags to a parked aircraft and personally place their luggage in the aircraft hold
He would like to bring X-rated pay-per-view hotel room experience to his aircraft.

This is from the person who:
Requires Ryanair crew pay for their own training, uniforms and meals.
Staff have to use their own pens.
Banned employees from using the company's electricity to charge own mobile phones.
Charges 50 pounds to potential pilots have for the privilege of a job interview and, if they pass, a further £200 for a simulator check.
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