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Subject:  Dear GOP Date:  11/14/2012  9:46 AM
Author:  impolite Number:  34675 of 40280

I am in my 30s, have three children, and work for a living. I am married. We own one house, two vehicles - one 4X4 truck and one SUV - two dogs and many guns. I worry about gas prices, I know what the fields nearby held last year, about the bumper crop of soybeans a couplefew years ago, and that the deer on the game camera are related to the 14-pointer on the wall, if the drop on the left tine is any indication. I live in a fly-over state.

I'm your demographic. I voted for Obama.

If you keep insisting I voted for Obama because I "want free stuff", you have no hope of me voting for a Republican for president in 2016.

You'll also note I didn't vote for him because I am black - another assertion heard both in the last election and this one. Still white, here.

The more you open your mouths about rape babies, voter fraud and illegal immigrants, the farther out you push me. I am MORE "liberal" now than I was when I graduated college, oh so many years ago.

The thing is, though - I don't think I've moved. I think I stayed in place, in the middle. What happened is *you* moved. You allowed the party to move over to the far right "legitimate rape" crowd, at least in rhetoric, and you lost me. When you call Colin Powell a RINO because he didn't vote precisely as you would have him do - you lost me. When you accused Bob Dole - BOB DOLE FOR GAWD'S SAKE - of being the same, you lost me a little more. I'll be honest, McCain had a decent shot, say 40/60, of getting me until the insulting choice that was Palin. What, you thought "I know how to get the women's vote - put one on the ticket!"?

I'm the middle. I think a smaller government would be a grand thing indeed - but that includes a cut in military spending. That includes you not fighting a battle won 40 years ago and trying to get all up in my hoohaa and my hoohaa's business. That also includes welcoming healthcare reform like the ACA - because for all your blovating about it "causing costs to skyrocket", I've been paying attention all these years since entering the workforce - costs have been increasing dramatically *every year*, already.

That includes not wanting to hear any more about "the war on Christmas" and "we are a Chrisitan nation". There is no war - for Jeebus's sake, everyone but theater workers and Chinese resturuants get the day off - and we are NOT a Christion nation. We are a nation that has Christians in it - as well as Muslims, Atheists, Buddists, whathaveyou.

I don't want to go back to the 1950s. You'll note those saying they want to go back to the 50s are overwhelmingly white, and male. I am not male. I am white (very, very pale indeed), but not male. The 1950s were not great for women or minorities. I cannot even fathom why you would not support the Ledbetter act, but I *can* tell you that, for all your protesting it wasn't true, it lent quite a legitimate (ha! see what I did there!) air to the left's "war on women".

I am for gay marriage. I really, really think you are on the wrong side of history on this issue, and in 20 years will look back and be all "gah, that was stupid". I know gay couples that have been together longer than I've been alive; I have other couples as friends that are raising healthy, happy children together.

These voter identification laws? You've got to be kidding me. They are a poll tax - round about and clever, sure - but still a poll tax. I'll play ball with you on these IF you can make them absolutely and completely free - the documents required to get the ID must be free, the offices to get them IN must be open outside of 9am to 4pm Monday through Thursday because I KNOW THIS IS SHOCKING TO HEAR poor people usually, like, WORK. A lot. Especially during those hours. These offices must be on public transportation lines, they must be adequately staffed, and they must be multi-lingual.

Oh, that's right - "speak english or go home!", right? If you wonder why people call you's because of these type things. 1) We do not have an official langauge, so get off your high horse and 2) I don't notice you complaining about Germans or Swiss of them there French Canadians....just the brown folk speaking the Spanish.

Speaking of brown (hell, how about just "not white") folk: they don't scare me. I know, I know - Go-to boogeyman, amiright? But really, they don't scare me. Muslims don't scare me any more than Christians do. If you are trying to dog-whistle me over with boogety-boogety-boo, it won't work.

You talk of higher education with a sneer; one of the scariest moments of my life was being in Poli Sci 210 and realizing that the other students in my class were having to study. *blink* Really? Not familiar with the whole "three branch" thing yet? I cannot fathom why you wouldn't want the electorate more educated as a whole - it could only lead to better and better things. For example, I know there are three separate branches of the government, with checks and balances, and so therefore know that any rumors of the President taking away our guns (Clinton, I mean, wasn't that a rampant rumor about ol' Billy? Oh.....oh I didn't realize Obama was planning on it as well....) is he wouldn't have the authority or chutzpah to do so, since the other two branches would also have a say.

Also: yes, I am "lucky" to have a job in this environment. But not "lucky" enough that I'll grovel and beg for my pay or my benefits. What my employer and I have here is what's called a "Mutually Beneficial Relationship" - I do work, then I get paid. We both have to be at least content with the other, or the whole thing goes to chit.

<SIGH> I could go on and on, but the bottom line is: if you want a shot in Hell of getting back some of the "in the middle" votes you lost this time, you need to immediately quit accusing us of wanting free stuff, of being lazy shiftless layabouts, of "not understanding" the healthcare debate. You need to get out of our bedrooms and our hoohaas, tell the racists to shut up, realize that even genteel Southern ladies would like their interior decorators to have weddings, and quit acting like the rich folk are put upon. I'll give you a hint - having to sell stock to pay for college? Not put upon. At. All.


P.S. I do not vote a straight ticket. Ever. So no "just another Democrat" here, folkd
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