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Subject:  Re: Dear GOP Date:  11/14/2012  5:46 PM
Author:  WallyLock Number:  34696 of 40218

But in all the arguments we've ever had, no one has ever explained what you just did.

Which is why the Republican response so annoyed me. They said that this law would be a burden on business so we shouldn't pass it. The Republicans themselves framed it as equal pay vs. business. They talked about how horrible this law would be for business. But every regulation good, bad or indifferent is burdensome to business. There are still some we need. What they should have said is, "Here is how we are going to do it differently." They had to talk up their convservative pro-business credentials to such an extent that they came off as anti-equal pay. They weren't just for business, they were against all these evil people who want to derail business.

Let's look at the Bush tax cuts. The Republicans dug in on the not raising the top tax rate "on principal." Really that is the hall mark of conservatism, whether or not the top marginal tax rate should be 39.6% or 35%. Somewhere in that 4.6% rests the true dividing line between a God-loving capitalist and an evil socialist. If you're not on the right side of it, you want to ruin America.

And of course, let's not forget two senate candidates who decided to play a game of "Let's see who can be more pro-life, no matter how crazy we sound!" It's a fun game and it only cost us two senate seats.

The Republicans really want to tell us who they are against. I think they should spend more time on what they are for.

I'm still not sure if I agree with your view of whether or not it was a bad idea.

Disagreeing with me is generally a good idea in most cases.

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