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Subject:  Puzzling out the errors Date:  11/15/2012  12:52 AM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  714 of 861

I've just started working on my genealogy. My mother had done a huge amount of work on hers, and after her death my brother and sister handed me the information she had gathered and asked me to continue doing the work. I've been using to fill in some of the gaps. I've made a lot of progress, but I've also realized I was working too fast and needed to slow down a bit and check my resources.

And I'm amazed at what some people will put in without thinking about it. The other day I found a couple who died on the same day. It was also their wedding day, so that doesn't explain the seven kids born up to twelve years later.

And I hit another good one today. I'd had to do a lot of research for someone. Getting information involved a lot more than just clicking on someone else's work. But when I finally figured out most of the dates (I'm dubious about the given date of her death) I discovered that someone else had listed the woman's second marriage as being her first marriage.

Look, I know that people often married their children off at a young age, but they sure weren't marrying off two-year olds in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

So I've been wondering; what portion of doing genealogy research involves fixing other people's errors? I keep writing comments when I find a problem, in the hope that later researchers will be saved from spending an hour using the wrong information. Do the rest of you have some sort of system for pointing out problems?

I know this board has been sleepy, but perhaps some revival is in order. Is anyone out there?
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