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Subject:  Re: Woman denied life-saving abortion dies Date:  11/15/2012  10:22 AM
Author:  cjb44 Number:  1836907 of 2224329

Ireland - where abortion is illegal as long as the baby's heart is beating - a woman went to the hospital mid-miscarriage at 17 weeks and was denied care until the baby died. She died.


Is there a point within the pregnancy where you would draw line? Because that's where the real debate in America is. You're article admits that the baby had a beating heart and saving the mother meant stopping that beating heart.

So my question to you is, at what point do you say it's wrong? Would you permit an abortion at week 39 to save a mother? Contrary to the political wranglings, I think this is where most Americans fall...they are OK with abortion, but aren't when the baby is "viable"

BTW, it's hypocritical that you talk about decisions between "ME AND MY DOCTOR", when ObamaKare brings government bueracrats into the decision making process via "Independent Payment Advisory Board". So decisions are no longer between you and your doctor.
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