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Subject:  Re: Liberal Racism impoverishing a NEW group!!! Date:  11/15/2012  1:30 PM
Author:  decath Number:  655279 of 884208

Many Hispanics want to take over the United a peaceful manor.

Despite being conservative, I know many of them living in Tejas for 43 years, they know the weak and foolish Democratic party will allow them to.

In about 10-20 years, they will wake up and look around and see that they have won. A creol nation we will be.

But what they will find out is that their religios/traditional, predominantly Catholic values will be under total assault.

I wonder if they will regret demonizing white's and their old style America then?

I married a paritally Hispanic girl. Her family is about 1/2 dem despite being very, very socially conservative.

On the one hand, they gripe about sexual immorality (they are staunch Catholics) and the progression of the filth on tv, radio, moral values, rebelious youts, anti-Christian propaganda etc...

On the other, they blame Republicans for almost every 'evil' thing in society. You point out Obama's attack on Catholic institutions last summer....crickets.... you point out the 'pro gay marriage dems'....crickets.. You point out the abortion, partial birth abortions and infantides that my dems support.....crickets.

But that damn Bush and his Iraqi war...... It's like arguing with 5th graders. I know you are but what am I.

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