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Subject:  What Romney shoulda said Date:  11/15/2012  5:35 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  655364 of 888768

Obama constantly harped on the fact that 3.5 million new jobs had been created on his watch. Rather than play dueling statistics, the Republicans should have taken advantage of existing red/blue data [and said this:]:

And the vast majority of these jobs were created in states like Texas which have been successful precisely because they have labor and tax policies which you, Mr. Obama, oppose. And they have been created in industries like Oil and Gas production that you, Mr. Obama, have done your best to hinder. All the jobs you claim to have helped to create were actually facilitated by a philosophy of government you oppose, by regulatory policy you would overturn if you could, and in industries you would prefer did not exist. States like Texas -- with organic growth driven by private capital -- stand in stark contrast to your investments of our taxpayer money in bankrupt companies like Solyndra. If you had had your way, Mr. Obama, few of these jobs would have been created. Yes, this country saw some job creation, but it occurred despite your efforts, not because of them.

It's so clear and obvious, even a liberal can't understand it.

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