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Subject:  Re: When Turkeys Attack Date:  11/16/2012  8:09 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  46232 of 130232

"Art would deliberately hit one of those turkeys (the biggest of course), put that turkey in his car, take it home and cut that sucker up and eat it. I'm not kidding. He really would. That wouldn't be the first time he picked up some road kill.

Heck, I'm thinking he might try to hit more than one. Why not?" - lindytoes


Did you see those pictures of me butchering turkeys at Robin's old house? I showed Tele the last time he was here. The truth is I'm not that fond of wild turkey. It's mostly carcass and can't compete with selectively bred domestic turkeys. Also old turkeys are tough and stringy.

Plus domestic turkeys are so cheap! They've got them for 49 cents/lb at some store I was at recently. After Thanksgiving I can usually find them marked down for around 39 cents/lb. I bought 5 of them one year and put them in our freezer. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out ways to use turkey. I finally deboned a bunch of it and ran it through my old meat grinder.

I plan on taking our turkey out of the freezer on Sunday and then after it's thawed cutting it up like a big chicken, deboning the breasts, and maybe cooking the legs and wings outside on my little green smoker grill. I'll turn the backs, wing tips, neck, and giblets into soup.

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