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Subject:  Re: Steyn Date:  11/16/2012  9:57 PM
Author:  wolverine307 Number:  655613 of 888699

My mother's old boss - the former superintendent of schools is Hispanic. His parents were field hands in TX. He wanted more and worked his tail off to do something with his life.

A popular juvenile court judge here is Hispanic. Similar story. Parents were uneducated common laborers, and now their baby boy is a highly respected member of the community.

Like most things, there are exceptions to Steyn's picture. I feel that the biggest problem is that they come to America and can safely remain in the barrio for generations and never have to become assimilated Americans.

I have met quite a few third or fourth generation Hispanics that speak no Spanish and they live in CA and TX. One of the guys was a yard hand at the truck transport company I worked at. I saw something in Spanish and assumed that he could translate it for me. He apparently is tired of people making that assumption and he answered me crossly.

The problem is the sheer numbers of them, not that they are Hispanics which differing cultural values. Even in Dearborn, I met guys who were Muslim in name only.

Owing to cultural sensitivities, I seldom got to speak with the women outside of when they tended the counter of the establishment I bought something at. Can't gleen much about them merely picking up your dry cleaning or buying stuff at the local Kroger.
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