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Subject:  Re: National Retirement System? Date:  11/19/2012  7:36 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  656033 of 883440

Yes, the socialists need your money

First, they'll eliminate deductions for your IRA and 401K plans.....

then they'll tax the company matches to your plans NOW..not in the future...

then, they'll cook up a new National Savings Supplemental Plan......and get employers to have to sign up for it or else.....your money will be deducted automatically like ss and Medicare is now. Another 8 percent or so should do it.

then, they'll spend the money while telling you it is going into a 'lockbox'......

And won't the weenies and queenies feel good, as they get their annual 'savings statement' showing that if they work to 70 or 75 (the new retirement age) they'll get to collect another $500 or $1000 a month in an 'annuity' from the government.

That, of course, after a six month campaign of the government telling folks how 'risky' the stock market is, hour after hour, day after day.....and every time the market goes down 10 bucks, they'll scream even louder......

There won't be private savings in ten years.

Just like Argentina where the gov't confiscated ALL the pension money in private company accounts. Every penny of it. And the union pension plans...sucked into the government. ANd the money spend, but, of course, there is an entry in 'book form' promising that some day, if the government doesn't go broke again, it will ,maybe, according to your NEED, let you have some of it back.

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