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Subject:  Re: Cartoon of the day Date:  11/20/2012  3:21 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  656157 of 883490

"I've never understood the stupidity of those who attempt with a serious face to make that argument. Clearly, the Jews are hated by the world. And Captain Kicka$$ has dissed them several times and is a Muslim sympathizer. Too bad one of our staunchest allies has to wonder whether or not we have their backs."

We shouldn't "have their backs." We should mind our own business and stay the heck out of it.
That's a very difficult situation for me. I go back and forth on it, if we do nothing and Russia and China and Iran arm, for instance, Syria. Aren't we just delaying the inevitable confrontation when they're much stronger and we have one fewer ally? Under your scenario are we allowed to sell Israel anti-missile defenses and weapons using free market principles or are we to refrain from that because then Iran will see us as the enemy? My biggest concern with Libertarianism is it's, in my view, somewhat naive view of foreign relations. Like if Ron Paul was president and Iran took over the middle east and blew up Israel with a couple well placed nukes would he do absolutely nothing? Would he have entered WW2?

Ron Paul would follow the Constitution, and Congress would decide whether or not to declare war.
Well let me cut to the brass tacks then, what would a congress full of Ron Pauls and Gary Johnsons say about selling missile defenses to Israel, or weapons? And if say Iran nuked half of Israel would Ron Paul and the Ron Paul congress help defend our trading partner or would we wait and then trade with the winner? If Israel is too polarizing imagine Italy instead. I'm not being a smart-ass, although i have the capacity <g>, i'm really trying to understand the libertarian viewpoint.
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