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Subject:  Re: Which Pro Sport is the Best as Player Date:  11/20/2012  8:49 PM
Author:  TerryMcK Number:  656233 of 882692

Yeah, this may be what the sport requires, but it doesn't mean they're the "best athletes"....maybe the most "complete, well-rounded athlete"?? Possibly. It depends on what one means by "best". No NHF hockey player could take down a large NFL linebacker in a fight. Very few hockey players could probably outrun the fastest NFL wide receivers or safeties. And no NHL player can out throw the fastest MLB pitchers. But can NHL players can many things better than the other athletes....certainly. Got to define "best athletes" first.

Depends on who makes up the rules. If the linebacker fights the NHL guy on grass, I go for him. If it's on ice, I go for the NHL guy. Same with the pitcher. If you want to measure the speed of the fastball vs. the speed of the slapshot, the NHL guy might have a slight edge.

If there is any duration involved, the football and baseball players might bring up the rear. Both of those sports have more time standing around than most other sports. Athletes who play tennis, soccer, basketball, and hockey are in sports that require much more endurance.

Then, there is always curling....
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