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Subject:  Re: New Bicycles Date:  11/21/2012  1:09 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  46309 of 138336

Well, you have 1890s technology.

I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that. This is 1960's technology at best.

Personally, I think that's kind of a shame --- modern bicycles are really marvels.


But if simplicity suits you, perhaps that's a good choice.

Ruggedness suits me. Simplicity is appreciated.

The issue you are likely to face is that if you bicycle regularly, you will soon get in better shape and be more confident of your cycling skills. You will be ready to do more but be limited by your bicycle.

Not likely. It's not like I've never owned a high tech bike. I have owned a few over the years. But now I'm looking for a bike to allow SGSpouse and I to enjoy time together. We used to walk several miles together every day before her knees gave out. That provides a lot of time to talk and compare our experiences with each other. I miss that. Trying to do that while sitting at home working out or watching TV or sitting across from each other while we do our separate internet thing just isn't the same. This bike riding is about comfort and communication . . . not speed.

I enjoy cycling, and I hope to hear more about your cycling in the weeks to come.

That's good. I really am happy for you. But SGSpouse and I are not cycling. We're taking a stroll in the morning before I fix us both breakfast (I'm a really good omelette chef) and again in the evening to watch the sun go down over the canal.

Waving an olive branch,

Olive trees are a problem here in the desert. It is actually against the law to plant any new olive trees in the Phoenix valley because of the pollen they produce that hangs in our atmosphere for weeks. But I appreciate the sentiment and the effort. How about I offer you a sack of oranges instead of an olive branch. My trees should be producing delicious naval oranges in just another month or so.
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