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Subject:  Re: Which Pro Sport is the Best as Player Date:  11/21/2012  7:03 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  656278 of 883152

Yeah, this may be what the sport requires, but it doesn't mean they're the "best athletes"....maybe the most "complete, well-rounded athlete"?? Possibly. It depends on what one means by "best". No NHF hockey player could take down a large NFL linebacker in a fight. Very few hockey players could probably outrun the fastest NFL wide receivers or safeties. And no NHL player can out throw the fastest MLB pitchers. But can NHL players can many things better than the other athletes....certainly. Got to define "best athletes" first.

Sorry, I gotta put the call in for a machismo test for Wolvie
I'll give you Hockey Players like to fight, but choosing the most athletic because they went ice skating as boys? Sounds kinda wussy

I know we are talking pro-athletes but I do not think any of these guys can compete with a 95 pound little girls who did gymnastics, but the male gymnasts are friggin unbelievable too!

As for pros? Football cornerbacks are IMO the most amazing athletes, with Linebackers are close second (spring insanely fast, quick reactions, endurance, strength you need every athletic skill except jumping)
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