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Subject:  Re: How Dumb Do Democrats Think Voters Are? Date:  11/21/2012  10:43 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  656321 of 888931

what voters really want is to get rid of the freebees given to the big corps as corporate welfare


What voters really want is to punish the greedy CEOs who are over compensated and got tier jobs through the old boy network and family connections

They want to punish the trust fund babies who are making millions on Wall Street with limited ability due to connections

They want to punish the folks trading on inside information unavailable to the general public

They want to punish the hedge fund manager manipulating the system and screwing everyone else

--Sadly, they have convinced themselves, or have been convinced by populist dirtbags like Obama, that the majority of those who make big bucks are of these types

They also want to punish the folks who had mums and Father pay big bucks for their education and who now make 500k a year for essentially graduating from the 'right' schools and folks like that

--Sadly, they have convinced themselves or have been convinced by populist dirtbags like Obama, that the majority of this who make big bucs are of these type

Voters believe corporations are rewarding these same folks, and more importantly the trust fund investor living on these profits and screwing the folks while doing nothing

--People want to punish all these stereotypes and do not care or more likely do not realize that far more innocents than guilty will be punished. They do not realize that productivity will be hurt, that they will pay more and hard workers will be punished along with the minority they hate. They do not realize they sponge off the productivity of those they will punish

They want free stuff from those they envision are 'guilty'

They are sheep and they are being fleeced by the likes of Obama. Sadly, their coat will likely not be replaced if we are where this mindset is the norm, and the next step is not a fleecing, but slaughter

Suckers, too bad morons will drag the rest of us down to0
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