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Subject:  Nuts and seeds: worse than coffee Date:  11/21/2012  4:30 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  656394 of 885134

This is from the Paleo Diet website, so you know it has an agenda. But it makes sense to me -- what about you?

Grains and legumes are king when it comes to anti-nutrients, lectins, enzyme inhibitors and toxic proteins, but some nuts and seeds use similar defense mechanisms. Of course, unlike some very nasty plant proteins (e.g. gluten), long-term damage and autoimmunity is unlikely to happen from eating nuts and seeds.

Lectins in some nuts and seeds can irritate the gut lining and create inflammation and enzyme inhibitors can prevent the full digestion of the proteins in them. Phytic acid is a strategy employed to prevent the nut or seed from sprouting before the ideal conditions are present. Phytic acid on our digestive system has the property of binding to minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium and preventing them from being absorbed.

The other problem when it comes to most nuts and seeds is the high amount of polyunsaturated fat (PUFA), especially the omega-6 polyunsaturated fat. Along with excess fructose and consumption of toxic grains and legumes, excess omega-6 and total PUFA intake strongly contribute to today's chronic and metabolic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Are there any safe nuts? Yes, indeed. Macademia and Brazil nuts. And chestnuts, but who likes those? And you can make other nuts safe by detoxifying them in two easy steps:

1. Soak nuts and seeds overnight in salty water.
2. Rinse thoroughly and dry in sunshine. Or if you lack sunshine, pop them in a dehydrator or in the oven at the lowest temp.
3. Avoid peanuts (they are legumes, not nuts) like the plague.

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