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Subject:  Re: "Night Stalker" With Depp? Date:  11/23/2012  3:01 AM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  62070 of 65560

I sometimes find the reasons given for not wanting to see a film interesting. Two reasons recently got my attention:

1) A poster won't see Headhunters in spite of a positive review by a very discerning and insightful poster (that would be I), my friend and my wife, because he didn't like the way the book was going.

2) A poster won't see Night Stalker because he recalls enjoying a TV version of it decades ago.

I am not being critical of either decision, just expressing interest. I can, however, think of several terrible books that turned out to be good films, most prominent among them Marley & Me. OK, just kidding there. But the Bourne films are good examples of movies being a lot more fun than their source -- in this case Ludlum's often tedious and poorly written novels.

The reason I won't see Night Stalker is Johnny Depp, period. I'm rather tired of him, especially after Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist and all those Keith Richards impersonations.

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