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Subject:  Can't have nice things Date:  11/23/2012  8:50 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  656588 of 878824

I've been neglecting TMF this week, I'm up at my in-laws' home in northern Michigan to celebrate the holiday/my wife's birthday. My MIL talked my wife into going shopping last night. That's where my tale of woe begins.

After watching some terrible football with my FIL I went to bed at about 1am. At 3am my wife shakes me awake. While she was out in the crowds shopping she put the card she was using to pay for things (our Visa debit card linked to our credit union account) in her back pocket. When she went to pay at the next store it wasn't there.

I don't know what she bought or didn't buy but thankfully we were able to get the card cancelled before we were cleaned out (again).

I can think of few worse ways to be woken up. I'm no longer in a festive mood. Today will be spent calling places in a holiday weekend because of this. Y wife will be making a police report. I'll have to contest the charges my wife didn't make.

Then I have to figure out how to prevent this in the future. I wasn't thrilled with her going shopping as it was (she over spends and as I'm the only one working that's frustrating) but I gave her a limit and she might have been sticking to it. But the thief didn't. It isn't the end of the world (enough money is left to cover the only debt withdrawal left before I get paid again, at least from what I can tell now) but it's the whole situation that has me upset. I just can't trust her with the keys to our financial castle anymore.

I don't know what to do. Just put her on a cash allowance? Tell her she can only spend her own money shopping (meaning if she wants to go she has to get a job and use that money, possibly from her own account)? Get her a credit card with a low limit (so if she loses that, again, it doesn't nail our checking account)?

I have all week to figure it out at least. Yay vacation. Totally relaxing!
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