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Subject:  Re: Evangelical leader reconsiders politics Date:  11/23/2012  12:38 PM
Author:  CCinOC Number:  656621 of 885160

Couldn't agree more with this librul's comment on the article:

Why are Christians political as Christians anyway? Are they hoping to pass laws that will force everyone else to become Christian? Do they think a law can change someone's faith? There is no place for religion in politics, other than ensuring everyone's individual religious rights. Matters of the soul cannot be legislated. You can preach but you can't pressure. It just doesn't work, unless your goal is a fascist state, of course.

I haven't found a single treatise in the Bible directing believers to get involved in politics. In fact, just the opposite.

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. ~ Matthew 22:21

Even the 785,000 baby human beings that were aborted in the past year are not my concern.

To say otherwise is to say God isn't in control--which, of course, He is.
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