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Subject:  Re: Evangelical leader reconsiders politics Date:  11/23/2012  12:50 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  656625 of 885160

Why are Christians political as Christians anyway? Are they hoping to pass laws that will force everyone else to become Christian? Do they think a law can change someone's faith? There is no place for religion in politics, other than ensuring everyone's individual religious rights. Matters of the soul cannot be legislated. You can preach but you can't pressure. It just doesn't work, unless your goal is a fascist state, of course.

The answer is fairly obvious IMO

Christianity always tries to expand. Any religion will and frankly should

After all, if you have the better path to the best life, shouldn't you want that for everyone else?

If society is doing things that are against what you believe should you not try to stop them?

Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's does not say surrender to Caesar. It does not say give unto Caesar what he wants and all he wants.

Of course as government gets bigger, religions will fight with it, and when it forms religions will want to have a say. It is silly IMO to believe otherwise.

There should be real limits on the being able to force themselves on anyone, but trying to exert themselves on right and wrong? Of course they will do that.

Thank God, we have a set of laws that keeps religion in check, I am very happy for them, but the religious are no different than any other group like environmentalists or drill now folks, they have stuff they 'know' is right and lobby for it, so it was written so it must be
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