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Subject:  Re: Paul Krugman’s Nostalgianomics, again Date:  11/23/2012  11:49 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  656695 of 886381

"If I hadn't suffered from so much social anxiety during my young adult years I am certain I'd be dead from AIDS now. My shyness and inhibitions might have actually saved my life. No joke." - andrew

My friend John that is gay got married to a woman and had three kids. His two daughters are both doctors and his son is a computer programmer working for the New York State Police. If he hadn't gotten married and tried to live a straight life he might have picked up the HIV virus in some clandestine encounter. He didn't embrace his gayness till after his wife left him and took the kids which was in like the early 1990's.

John and I met in college in an Animal Science class in the summer of 1975. He found out I was butchering animals and he wanted to get in on that. His uncle owned a slaughterhouse in Utica, New York and he had worked there. I didn't find out John was gay till after he got divorced in the early 1990's and he finally told me he was gay. He was worried that if I found out we wouldn't be friends anymore. I told him that I didn't care (I'm liberal as hell when it comes to stuff like that) but I was glad to know so I would quit trying to set him up with girls!

So John and I have been friends now for 37 years. John met his boyfriend in Key West, Florida in 1995. They've been together now for 17 years. They live together in Walla Walla, Washington.

By the way I also have a brother named John and used to have an Uncle John and I have a nephew that is named John David. My grandfather was also named John Henry.

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