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Subject:  Re: 2013 health insurance increase Date:  11/24/2012  10:10 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46359 of 137974

alstro whines:"If the GOP succeeds in requiring people to turn 66, 67, 68... to get Medicare, I suspect our insurance cost will jump very high in the years from 65 to whenever Medicare starts--or maybe they'll share the load to keep premiums level at all ages, forcing state employees in their teens, 20s, and so forth to pay higher rates to cover those over 65 and not yet in Medicare."

Right...we'll just tap the money fairy to pay for all the subsidized Medicare.

You do realize that folks on Medicare pay 1/4 of the amount that it actually costs to provide them insurance?

And that if we extend it down to 62 or 60...... that we'll add trillions and trillions that your kids, grandkids will have to pay the interest on and they'll have lower and lower standards of living as you borrow more and more to fund your 'freebies'.....

But heck, punish the future generations with unsustainable debt. They too can look forward to 25% unemployment and a much lower of standard of living as you .....just like in Greece and Spain. And among the youth the unemployment is pushing 50% in Spain and Greece.

We'll just keep borrowing ever exponentially growing amounts of debt. Total debt load doubling every 10 years between state/federal/corporate and private debt. Now at 60 trillion, will be 120 trillion by 2020 ...and in another 10 years will be 240 trillion......or 15 times GDP.....which won't happen. That would require every dollar of income go to just paying the interest on the debt.......

But heck, let alstro whine for more subsidies and freebies. Let's extend the bankrupt entitlement programs even futher. Put more and more on food stamps and SS disability. After all, Obama has lots of Obama bucks he's borrowing from your kids, grandkids......

It's like you running up 100,000 bucks on your credit card, living it up, then complaining when the credit card companies shut you off......and not only has your spending binge come to an end, you now have 100,000 bucks worth of debt to pay off and your standard of living will be a LOT lower.....for the rest of your life. That's what your kids have to look forward to....courtesy of YOU and your 'entitlement mentality'.

But make that 100 trillion in public and private debt.......and you got the picture we'll have long before the year 2020.

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