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Subject:  Whee! Did I ever shoot myself in the foot! Date:  11/24/2012  11:08 PM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  6599 of 6702

For reasons too tedious to describe, I did, as root, rm -fr /bin instead of rm -fr ./bin on my other machine. So everything in /bin is gone. I have a backup on tape, but there is no cpio to get those files.

Now /bin is on one file system on one hard drive, and /home is on another file system on a different hard drive. I suppose /bin is on hda5 and the stuff I need is on other partitions. I guess I get to reinstall the sysem and have it just do the hda5. But I must be too tired to do this tonight. I am glad I am obsessive about keeping a logbook of each computer. In volume 2 for the one where I did that, I found the latest partition table. Whew!

Oh! I so pity me! I have been progamming and sysadminning since about 195 and this is the first time I ever did anything this dumb.

I did one thing almost as dumb once. In DEC's RSX-11D OS, much of what a kernel would do in other systems is done by various other programs running protected, but separately from the kernel. The get swapped in and out as needed.

IT IS VITAL to lock the pager process to memory. I forgot once and as the machine got loaded, the pager got swapped out. After that, nothing else could go, and nothing else could get back in. It took a while to figuere out what happened, and to figure out what to do about it.
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