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Subject:  Re: 5 Statistics Problems To Change Your View Date:  11/25/2012  5:45 PM
Author:  tim443 Number:  409570 of 578623

(Abraham Wald's Memo), that is, which was new to me -- and I loved it.

While certainly interesting, all military combat equipment is a compromise. You cannot just start loading heavy armour on fighter planes without giving up something that may be even more critical.

The key is always the three legged stool of mobility, fire power and defensive armour. Take away one and the stool falls over.

Battleships for instance were heavily armoured with big powerful guns and engines to drive them. Battlecruisers had the same sized big guns, powerful engines but reduced deck armour in order to improve speed. The most famous result was when the battle cruiser HMS Hood blew up because a couple of Bismarck's shells penetrated the decks and blew up in the magazine killing all but three of the over 1400 man crew.

A battlecruiser, or battle cruiser, was a large capital ship built in the first half of the 20th century. They were similar in size and cost to a battleship, and typically carried the same kind of heavy guns, but battlecruisers generally carried less armour and were faster.

The US Sherman tank had great mobility, could literally run circles around the German tanks, unfortunately the armour was less than adequate to stop anything but the smallest caliber anti-tank rounds and the infantry support 75 mm gun needed to be used at very short range to have any hope against the better armoured German tanks. Later in the war the Brits stuck a 17 pounder AT gun in the turret and turned it into a tiger killer.

The Japanese Zero started the Pacific war as the preeminent fighter with range, speed and manoeuvrability unmatched. It didn't take long for the US pilots to figure out that these benefits were due to the unprotected pilot and fuel tanks and made them an easy torch if you could get a burst in.

Tim <desperately forced to watch a football game> 443
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