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Subject:  Re: Snow Leopard is back! Date:  11/26/2012  6:52 AM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  61519 of 72067

I guess it might be important to stress that even in the iPhone's iOS, where these ideas originated, the old file system is still there -- it's just invisible to ordinary mortals. Apple and others are trying hard to simplify the user experience, but they are not actually tampering with the underlying file structure. On any modern Mac you can always drop down into no-holds-barred Unix, simply by opening a Terminal session.

Part of the new philosophy, as I understand it, is that each application should "manage" the files that it creates. On Apple systems, this management will be implemented under strict Apple guidelines, but it is still one hell of a change. You can see this philosophy in action most clearly on an iPad. If you create a file with an app, it is not typically visible to other apps. You have to open it with the original app, and then explicitly transfer it to some other particular app. That's nuts to us oldsters, but to those for whom an iPhone is their first computer, it seems both simple and sensible.


I'll just present this as I now use files.

Office programs now can open anything you can see if it's Possible the program can open it. I use Excel for opening and converting .csv and other text files, A LOT. I also use Word and Pages to open each other's files. I also use the Pages app to save files as Word files.

This won't change right?
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