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Subject:  Re: Which Pro Sport is the Best as Player Date:  11/27/2012  4:49 PM
Author:  decath Number:  657122 of 884208

Good question. The thing is, each sport is so different and requires a different skill set and often differing physical characteristics.

I played HS baseball, basketball, football, track & field and even was on the tennis team. 4 years of each. Small school. What little free time I had was spent in physical training, weight lifting etc.. for further development. I was offered scholarships in football, basketball and if I had pushed it.. a track & field scholarship as well.

I chose football at the D1 level and lasted only 1 year. Frankly, I did not have the 'bone crushing' mental attitude to do well nor was I willing to take performance enhancing drugs to gain weight like they wanted me too. I quit and ended up running track later in my college days with no scholarship....gravitated to the decathlon during and after college until I broke my heal, finishing any hopes at attempting to qualify for the 92 olympics.

Baseball takes a tremedous amount of skill development for just quick moments of performing. I found it boring and is why I don't play much softball as an adult.

I enjoyed basketball more than anything. Had major ups (which is why I could high jump nearly 7 feet) and was quick straight ahead. Yet, was slow with lateral movements, a must for good defense. I worked on basketball in my youth more than anything, dribbling and shooting. Could have played at a small school in college being 6'5". Seemed the most natural sport to me. But I was not dominant once I left the HS arena. At 6'5", I was a tweener (not tall enough for under the basket but not quick enough for a guard).

The decathlon seemed to be the perfect fit for me. Size helped a lot, had long arms for the disc, shot and javelin, had speed and jumps. My work ethic served me well... almost too well...and I overtrained a lot.

Just did not start soon enough. I was a skinny kid in school. Never knew I would develop like I did. If I had a dad that gived a rip, perhaps I could have got some direction. Sports was an outlet for me to be away from my parents so I would not have to deal with the abuse at home.

At least dad learned his lesson and helped out my little sister (22 years yonger than me). While he rarely went to one of my games, he went to everything she did, bought her equipment I would have drooled over and supported her in any way he could. She ended up playing college VB, set 7 school records, 4 year all conference. I think she still has most of the 'kill' records at the D2 school she played at.

It's a little unbearable at family gatherings. He likes to brag about her and just bust my chops. I just sit in silence and try to be a 'good' son. I mean, he knew what I eventually did...what I became.... How many sons do you know that can run a 4.4 40, bench press 350 lbs, high jump 6'9", bust a softball over the fence, run a 48.0 400 meters, score in the 70's in golf....I could go on. It's like I'm invisible.

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