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Subject:  Re: Bubba Klein??? Date:  11/28/2012  3:48 AM
Author:  awlabrador Number:  61548 of 72921

Oh, I haven't been blaming my iMac...

I phrased it poorly.

I should have said that Steven is likely right: It's a server problem, not an e-mail client problem, so the best thing to do is not change anything on your Mac (like reentering account information) but rather just let the issues get cleared up on the server.

In the case of Yahoo mail, even when I get these rejected password problems many times during the day, it's sporadic enough that my mail gets through between the false rejections.

I may be wrong about this, but I get the impression that the dialog box that pops up (warning me that Yahoo rejected my password and please reenter it) doesn't actually prevent Apple Mail from checking e-mail even when the dialog box hasn't been dismissed. I get this impression because sometimes I leave my desk for a couple of hours only to return to see that dialog box has popped up, yet e-mails from Yahoo have arrived on my Mac. Since I use Yahoo as IMAP mail, I don't know how often the client has checked for e-mail (or how often the server has pushed e-mail to me?), but given how long my absences can be, it's not inconceivable that the password was rejected soon after I left while Apple Mail kept checking the account "behind" that dialog box, explaining the arrival of mail despite the "rejection."

(Perhaps someone can correct my impression that that particular dialog box is a nonmodal dialog box. I can't induce its appearance to double-check this impression, as far as I know.)

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