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Subject:  Re: Socialism = Heck on Earth? Date:  11/29/2012  6:05 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  46438 of 138407

You obviously didn't read the article to which you linked.

It didn't extoll socialism and countries like Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore are a lot more capitalist than socialist.

1. Switzerland
2. Australia
3. Norway
4. Sweden
5. Denmark
6. Singapore
7. New Zealand
8. Netherlands
9. Canada
10. Hong Kong

Furthermore, NONE of these countries create their wealth through socialism. They all create their wealth through capitalism, and then some of them steal income through discriminatory taxation in order to give it to those deemed to be politically deserving. They have been wise enough to follow those policies moderately, and have avoided killing off the goose that lays those golden eggs.

Furthermore, pretty much NONE of those countries would be having much wealth, security or success without the security system and economic system created by the United States around the world which has enabled many countries to create wealth for their citizens that would be inconceivable for pre WWII generations.

We really don't even need to mention the countries that tried to develop wealth through socialism, such as the USSR and all the nations of the east block, China, North Korea, Cuba and so on. Of course China was an economic failure that butchered it's population by the millions until the goal of creating wealth through socialism was abandoned. After that, it has done a lot better.

Of course the Brits and their empire began the modern capitalist system and system of world trade. Earlier there were the Dutch, Venice, and other examples of such policies leading to similar results. The United States took over that responsibility when British resources failed and extended it on a scale the world has never seen before.

I would therefore conclude that crediting socialism for the good fortune of these ten countries is ludicrous.

The credit goes to the capitalist system and the system of world trade developed by the Brits and extended to the world by the United States, and the system of security provided by United State diplomacy, the US Army, Navy, Marine Corp, CIA and other such institutions.

This includes institutions such as the European Common market, which the United States helped create and has supported, although of course the Europeans deserve much of the credit for making that work ----so far.

In short, your gloat is vastly misplaced.

Seattle Pioneer
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