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Subject:  Re: Socialism = Heck on Earth? Date:  11/29/2012  10:06 PM
Author:  intercst Number:  46442 of 137924

SeattlePioneer writes,

It didn't extoll socialism and countries like Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore are a lot more capitalist than socialist.

It's interesting that Singapore is so capitalist that they realized they needed a single-payer health care system to control costs. They now spend 4% of GDP on health care vs. 17% for the US -- and they get better outcomes.

As can never be said often enough, we spend 17?percent of our gross domestic product on health care while most nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development spend around 11?percent with similar outcomes (and mighty Singapore spends just 4?percent). The political problem, of course, is that every dollar of health-care “waste” is someone’s dollar of income. To reframe the debate, we need an authoritative analysis that identifies exactly what’s driving our costs so much higher than everyone else’s — as well as a set of lessons we can learn from the nations that do more (including insure everyone) with much less.


I don't have much hope of seeing Tea-Baggers or Chickenhawks do the same kind of data-driven analysis.

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