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Subject:  Re: LOL..righties don't get it Date:  11/30/2012  4:57 PM
Author:  jdp245 Number:  1841271 of 2237757

Kool-aid .... Cost of the two wars to date (includes 2008-2012 as well as Bush years)

Those are direct costs of only the specific war appropriations bills, Bears. They do not include additions to the Pentagon's base budget to cover other war-related costs ($325-$650 Billion), the interest paid on the money that had to be borrowed to pay for the wars ($185 Billion), war-related foreign aid ($74 Billion), Veteran's medical and disability incurred so-far ($32 Billion), projected veterans medical and disability payments to 2051 ($589-$934 Billion), and projected interest costs on all this borrowed money until 2020 ($1 Trillion).

Looking at money spent so far, we are definitely already in $2 Trillion territory if you include direct war costs that are not accounted for in the "war appropriations" bills. Long term cost of the wars will easily be more than $4 Trillion, including additional benefits paid to our veterans and interest on the money borrowed to cover the cost of the war.

I don't post this to suggest that all of these expenditures are unnecessary. I don't think we ever should have been in Iraq, but I fully supported the Afghan war and definitely support the military actions we have taken against al Qaeda. But we should be honest with ourselves about the true costs of these actions.
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