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Subject:  Re: Long term cap gains tax rate - 0% Date:  11/30/2012  8:51 PM
Author:  RBMunkin Number:  117027 of 128041

Thanks Phil. Good points.

On the same subject, but for different reasons, let me know if anyone sees any flaws in this investment tax savings strategy:

First of all, I don't believe in letting the tax tail wag the investment dog, but here is an exception.

Tax payers in the 10 and 15% tax brackets have had a zero long term capital gains tax rate for 5 years now. It is set to expire and go to 10% next year. But even regardless of it expiring next year, this would work.

Sell all stocks that one has a gain on this year in taxable accounts and buy them back either right away, not at all if one doesn't want the stock any more, or on a dip if possible.

That will reset ones basis to zero.

So if I have a stock I paid $50 x 200 shares = $10K, and it is now at $75, my basis is $10K, sale price $15K, $5K gain. If I sell it this year, with no cap gains tax for 15% tax brackets, and buy it back for the same $15K, my basis is now $15K instead of $10K.
In a future year when I sell it for real, if the cap gains tax at that time applies to me, I will save $5K x the tax rate.

Sound good?
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