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Subject:  Re: New TV: Want/Need Date:  12/1/2012  9:55 AM
Author:  Brooklyn1948 Number:  869237 of 904104

That means that my husband can't see the sidebars on ESPN and a lot of the information during SportsCenter is hidden, on a lot of the TV I watch I only see half of people's faces, news station banners are cut off, etc.

It galls me no end to replace something that's still perfectly functional.

It is not perfectly functional! If you enjoy watching television as much as I do, this is not a "want" but a "need".
We have two flat screen HD televisions and I love them. We also wrestled with ourselves about the cost but they have gotten much much cheaper over the years. We will be retiring soon and spending lots of time watching television in the evenings. My husband loves boxing and while he's enjoying ultimate fighting (although I cannot imagine why) I will be watching one of the lovey dovey Lifetime Movies on my own television. We rarely if ever go to the movies so we do not feel that we are being frivolous by spending money on cable.
So, do not feel guilty. You worked hard and you should enjoy the fruits of your labor. Hubby deserves to be able to see the sidebars on the ESPN channel.
You can donate your old television. There are plenty of places, I am sure, that will get good use out of your "perfectly functional TV".
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