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Subject:  Re: Socialism = Heck on Earth? Date:  12/1/2012  9:43 PM
Author:  malaoshi Number:  46504 of 137934

"Next to nothing has been invented nor developed or implemented in...those wonderful socialized countries"

Telegraph at his stupid jingoistic best.

Just 5 minutes please...

From my little hometown in New Zealand Lord Rutherford of Nelson split the atom and made major discoveries in radioactive and nuclear physics helping to shape modern science...

My great uncle, later a Swiss resident, invented automobile aerodynamics ( stream lining) that American automobile manufacturers used..after Ford's boxy invention.

Sneering at Sweden, Tele? You mentioned new cures for things and said "gimme a break.."

I won a national travel scholarship to Sweden ( from the UK) and know that country has a lot to be proud of..

the safety match
echocardiography/sonograms ( of course your heart is won't need that)
digitizer ( pre-mouse)
pacemaker (Nahhh nothing that was ever medically useful, right?)
gamma knife for brain surgery ( you need some of that)
3 point safety belt ( don't bother to use it)
rayon,cellophane, velcro

I haven't checked any other inventions because in your grandiose way you will tell everyone only the USA can invent stuff. And bigger is better...

Curiosity, Intelligence and perseverence are not limited to Texas or inside the walls of your particular home, Tele...
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