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Subject:  Re: Socialism = Heck on Earth? Date:  12/2/2012  11:08 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46506 of 137562

what you posted in the way of inventions are long before those countries became Nanny States.

The percent of innovations and real ideas has gone to near zero in those socialist paradises.

Now, it is China and India leading the world in patent filings.

Sweden 'had' an aircraft industry. It had an auto industry but other than its home captive market, is flailing worldwide. It had a telecom industry, along with Finland but it's in total meltdown, and most of their manufacturing has moved their in country base is slowly slipping away.....

Yeah...the Scandanavians invented 'texting' (short message service).....but is now being usurped by Twitter and Facebook.....

The Euros are constrained so badly by 'standards'......they only do things in 'lockstep'....which is why their computer industry died on the vine, waiting for governments to come up with standards....for the PC...can you imagine what PCs would look like if designed by a US government committee? What a joke it would be......probably still run on COBOL and FORTRAN, with some ADA rammed down your throats......

Did Facebook wait for 'standards'? Hardly.....or MySpace - which has come and gone just as fast? What follows after FAcebook? Google what? and for how long?

Sorry, europe is going to be left in the dust. Especially old Europe. Innovation is being taxed out of the socialist countries. Why invent things when the government will take 90% of what you earn in taxes? Or invent it, and make it elsewhere......generating zero jobs in your home country.

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