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Subject:  Re: Socialism = Heck on Earth? Date:  12/2/2012  11:30 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46507 of 137926

"the safety match
echocardiography/sonograms ( of course your heart is won't need that)
digitizer ( pre-mouse)
pacemaker (Nahhh nothing that was ever medically useful, right?)
gamma knife for brain surgery ( you need some of that)
3 point safety belt ( don't bother to use it)
rayon,cellophane, velcro"

Let's look WHEN these happened!

safety match:

"Two French chemists, Henri Savene and Emile David Cahen, developed a safe match using phosphorus sesquisulfide that was patented in 1898. They proved that the substance was not poisonous, that it could be used in a "strike-anywhere" match, and that the match heads were not explosive.[22] They patented a safety match composition in 1898 based on phosphorus sesquisulfide and potassium chlorate"

The dangers of white phosphorus in the manufacture of matches led to the development of the "hygienic" or safety match. The major innovation in its development was the use of red phosphorus, not on the head of the match but instead on a specially designed striking surface. The idea was developed in 1844 by the Swede Gustaf Erik Pasch (1788–1862) and was improved by Johan Edvard Lundström (1815–1888).


Wow...that's 170 years ago!...LOL!...if you think that Sweden had universal health care in 1860, raise your hand!...or even the equivalent of state pensions, raise your hand!



"Swedish industrialist, engineer, and inventor, Alfred Nobel built bridges and buildings in Stockholm. His construction work inspired Nobel to research new methods of blasting rock. In 1860, the inventor first started experimenting with nitroglycerine."

Wow...again, ROLF....did Sweden really have universal health care? What was that, free leeches for blood letting?



"Two researchers are noted in the history of ultrasound and medical imaging. They are: Doctor Karl Theodore Dussik of Austria, who published the first paper on medical ultrasonics in 1942, based on his research on transmission ultrasound investigation of the brain; and Professor Ian Donald of Scotland, who developed practical technology and applications for ultrasound in the 1950s."

Somehow you think Sweden did it?

guess again



"Canadian, John Hopps invented the first cardiac pacemaker. Hopps was trained as an electrical engineer at the University of Manitoba and joined the National Research Council in 1941, where he conducted research on hypothermia. While experimenting with radio frequency heating to restore body temperature, Hopps made an unexpected discovery: if a heart stopped beating due to cooling, it could be started again by artificial stimulation using mechanical or electric means. This lead to Hopps' invention of the world's first cardiac pacemaker in 1950. His device was far too large to be implanted inside of the human body. It was an external pacemaker. (Source"

wow..again, you are blowing liberal socialist smoke...

I just checked the first few and you were wrong 100% of the time. Either they were invented long before modern medicine and the Nanny 150 years ago.....or in other countries..

Let's see..the auto industry moved to 'streamlining' back in the 1930s...with the 'teardrop' type design to reduce drag.

Did we have Medicare then? Nope. Did we have SS back then? barely....and that was here. How about Europe? Nope......they didn't have a Nanny state either!.....

I suspect 'streamlining' came more out of the aviation industry which was then moving to metal airplanes...... and it was sold more as a marketing tool that increasing gas mileage.

So far, you have failed miserably to show that CURRENT socialist countries actually innovate much compared to highly capitalistic countries like the US.


Going down your list - Rayon

19th-century manufacturers sought an artificial material with similar qualities as silk. The first fabric deemed suitable for the task was rayon, which in fact was originally known as “artificial silk.” In its more than 110 years in existence, rayon has gone on to make a statement on fashion runways, highways and operating tables.


wow....110 years ago. I suppose you imagine your socialist countries had universal health care (free leeches) back then? no charge for blood letting?

A swiss guy perfected the process and it was made by a French firm......over 100 years ago!.......when France was actually a capitalist country. Not a nanny state.

so far, you are batting ZERO.

Want to try again?

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